🎉 Introducing the new Mail Pilot — read the announcement or scroll down to watch the video.
The calm inbox.
Mail Pilot is the email app for people with email fatigue.
Native macOS app  •  Works with all standard IMAP email servers  •  Your email stays on your device, no third-party servers used.

Email, re-reimagined.

In 2011, we unveiled our idea for the future of email.
Almost 10 years later, we’re doing it again.
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“An ingenious new email service”
— David Pogue in the New York Times
“A good app, and well worth it.”
— Leo Laporte, This Week in Tech
“A joy to use”
— Bakari Chavanu, MakeUseOf
“Best designed email app on the App Store”
— Cam Bunton, Today’s iPhone
“Mail Pilot is a superb mail client”
— Dave Johnson, CBS MoneyWatch
“A clean, impressive, often beautiful way to manage unruly email”
— Nathan Alderman, Macworld