Mail Pilot is an email client for macOS that:

1. Works with all IMAP servers, showing you a unified inbox with messages from all of your accounts.
2. Never uses a third-party server to handle your email. We've worked hard to build Mail Pilot as a traditional, local-only IMAP email client, so you don't have to compromise your privacy just to experience the future of email.
3. Is a native app for macOS. For those curious: it is written mostly in Swift. Mail Pilot has spent years being developed as a native app for macOS, originally in Objective-C. The current generation is completely rewritten with the years of experience to inform development (we've been making Mail Pilot apps since 2011 — time flies!).

But it brings a new dimension of calm to email. That's because it:

1. Understands that emails have tasks associated with them, replacing "read / unread" with "incomplete / complete". When you receive a message, it stays incomplete even after you've read it. You can mark it as complete once you're done with any tasks related to the email, which sends it to your archive.
2. Lets you set reminders, move messages to lists, and set messages aside. When you can't complete an email yet, Mail Pilot gives you better ways to organize incomplete messages.
  • Set a reminder to have the message leave your inbox and pop back up when you need to act on it (perfect for deliveries, bills, meeting notes, and more).
  • Move messages into lists to process certain messages all together. You can even track their incomplete / complete status within the list (perfect for collecting interesting messages you want to read later, receipts that need to be filed, and more).
  • Any other remaining messages can be set aside to reduce inbox clutter.
3. Batches your less important messages, so you can focus. Throughout the day, you won't be interrupted by automated and other less important messages. When you have more time, you can scan down your batch list, where messages are grouped by sender. Act on or save anything important, and at the bottom, you can complete and archive everything that's left in one click. This saves an amazing amount of time each day.
4. Shows messages in fully rendered cards, so you can read, reply to, and organize messages from one streamlined view. Ever notice how processing your inbox — reading important messages, archiving unimportant ones, starting and sending replies, organizing messages — takes way too much clicking around different screens? The new Mail Pilot presents everything in a streamlined, unified view, allowing you to do everything you need to do in your inbox without ever navigating to another screen. And you can control everything with your keyboard, too.

This means you can:

1. Focus on just the most important emails throughout the day. You only receive system notifications of your most important messages, and your primary view — the Important tab — only displays these message cards.
2. Handle unimportant messages all at once, requiring far less time. Scan down your batch list once or twice a day, where messages are grouped by sender. Read or save anything important, and at the end, you can archive or delete everything that's left with one click.
3. Fluidly and quickly interact with, reply to, and organize your messages without having to navigate through different views. Whether you love to use your keyboard or your mouse, the streamlined view of message cards lets you interact directly with what you need — reading something, starting or sending a reply, setting a reminder, etc. — without having to navigate around a cumbersome, screen-heavy interface.
4. Trust that messages never "slip through the cracks" by accidently being marked as read. With Mail Pilot, since messages remain incomplete even after you've read them, things don't slip through the cracks. And with the right tools for organizing messages the way you want — reminders, lists, and more — you'll always be on top of what's happening in your email.
5. Easily deal with messages another day by setting reminders on them. When you need to deal with a message tomorrow, next week, or on any specific day, you can set a reminder. Setting a reminder is as easy as typing any natural text that comes to mind, and Mail Pilot will interpret it to set the date of the reminder.
6. Process similar messages together by grouping them in a list. Move messages to a list, where you can process a set of messages together. Lists have both incomplete and complete sections, so you can keep track of the items in each list that you still need to act upon.
7. Experience the future of email without compromising your privacy. While many email apps use a server to handle your emails, we've stayed true to a commitment we made back in 2013 to never let your emails end up on someone else's server as a result of you using Mail Pilot.
We wouldn't be comfortable putting our email credentials, our conversations, and our work on someone else's server, and we don't expect you to be comfortable with that either. Mail Pilot never uses a third-party server to access or store your email. It isn't easy building a full, traditional IMAP email client, but we think it's worth it, and we hope you will too.

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