In order to find your reminders, lists, and other features specific to Mail Pilot when using other clients, follow this guide.

All emails organized using Mail Pilot's advanced features are stored on your email server within a root folder called "MP/". Here's where to find each feature:

Complete: MP/Complete

Upcoming Reminders: MP/Reminders/...

Past due reminders: MP/PastDue

Lists: MP/Lists/...

Set Aside: MP/SetAside

Unlike many other email apps today, Mail Pilot never uses a third-party server to store or transmit your email. Everything happens either on your device or directly between your device and your email service through the internationally standardized IMAP and SMTP protocols.

In order to sync your usage of advanced features, such as reminders and lists, among all of your devices, Mail Pilot uses the above folders so that no other server needs to be involved in the process.

This ensures the best privacy and security for your personal data when using Mail Pilot apps.

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