Your folders are first-class citizens in the new Mail Pilot. Here's how to use them.

To move a message to an existing folder: Type the first few letters of a folder path in the action menu, and press enter when the right one is shown.

To move a message to a new folder: Type the desired folder name in the action menu of the first message you'd like to move to your new folder. Press enter to create the folder and move the message there in one action.

To quickly navigate to a folder: Press “/“ to open search, then typing the first few letters of a folder path, and press enter when the right one is shown.

To browse all folders: Click the more button in the navigation at the top (the four squares at the top-right), then select an account to see its folders.

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— Leo Laporte, This Week in Tech
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— Bakari Chavanu, MakeUseOf
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