Three big announcements
by Alexander Obenauer
September 2, 2020
by Alexander Obenauer
September 2, 2020

We have three major things to share with you.

But first, a quick update: over the last six weeks, we've been sending out invites to our waitlist — there are still more to go out, so if you haven't gotten yours yet, stay tuned!

Alright, let's dive in:

Previewing the next frontier

Mail Pilot has always been meant for more than just the desktop. This summer, we previewed the future of Mail Pilot. Check out the video here →

Mail Pilot Swag

For the first time since our Kickstarter back in 2012, we are making Mail Pilot swag available. Head to the Mindsense Swag Shop for more →

Our next app

We're always working on something new at Mindsense, and for only the third time in our history, that is about to mean an entirely new product. Sign up for updates on our new product, Symphonies →

Youll never look at email the same way again.
Eight years ago, we first reimagined email.
Now, we've done it again.
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“An ingenious new email service”
— David Pogue in the New York Times
“A good app, and well worth it.”
— Leo Laporte, This Week in Tech
“A joy to use”
— Bakari Chavanu, MakeUseOf
“Best designed email app on the App Store”
— Cam Bunton, Today’s iPhone
“Mail Pilot is a superb mail client”
— Dave Johnson, CBS MoneyWatch
“A clean, impressive, often beautiful way to manage unruly email”
— Nathan Alderman, Macworld